• A Winter Wonderland less than 2 hours from Tokyo!

    From gentle beginner slopes to steep technical attacks, as well as easy access to one of the best powder fields in Japan—Naeba has terrain to satisfy any skier. All this in just a short trip from Tokyo. Shuttles run daily from the Echigo Yuzawa shinkansen station.

  • Caring, Professional Instructors

    Naeba Snow School's team of professional English-speaking instructors is ready to help you improve your skills and better enjoy the winter mountain. Whether you're new to skiing or snowboarding, or seek to further develop your skills, our patient, friendly instructors cater to your specific level.

  • Naeba: Your One-stop Winter Resort

    Everything you need to enjoy your winter holiday is here at Naeba. Ski in and ski out of your accommodations at the Naeba Prince Hotel. Enjoy delicious meals and shopping. Or just relax in the Japanese hot springs.

If you would like to take Chinese lesson, please email to chinese@naebasnow.jp

Please do not make reservation here. Thank you for your cooperation.請勿在此預約中文課程

Private Ski

Our friendly, professional staff is ready to take your game to the next level!

Content Instructor tailors course content to fit your ability level
Participants Up to 3 guests per lesson
Age 5 and up
Time Morning: 10:00-12:00
Afternoon: 13:30-15:30
Course Fees Half-day (2 hours) ¥18,000 Full day (4 hours) ¥32,000
Peak days: Half-day (2 hours) ¥20,000 Full day (4 hours) ¥36,000
Options Pick your instructor! (Additional fees apply.)
Reservation paid in full 3 days or more in advance: +¥500/hour
Reservation paid less than 3 days in advance: +¥1,000/hour

Private Snowboard

Our friendly, professional staff is ready to take your game to the next level!

Content Instructor tailors course content to fit your ability level
Participants Up to 3 guests per lesson
Instruction level will match the lowest ability level of the group.
Age 7 and up
Time Morning: 10:00-12:00
Afternoon: 13:30-15:30
Course Fees Half-day (2 hours) ¥18,000 Full day (4 hours) ¥32,000
Peak days: Half-day (2 hours) ¥20,000 Full day (4 hours) ¥36,000
Options Pick your instructor! (Additional fees apply.)
Reservation paid in full 3 days or more in advance: +¥500/hour
Reservation paid less than 3 days in advance: +¥1,000/hour

Naeba Snow School: Questions and Answers

School Basics

Reservations and Reception Desks

About the Lessons

About Naeba

When is the school open?

We are open whenever the Naeba ski resort is! The plan for this year is to open on December 13th and run through April 5th as long as snow conditions permit. The main reception desk next to the Edelweiss Cafe in building 3 will open on December 13th. Please call guest relations at +81-70-5550-8807 or email us at english@naebasnow.jp to book anytime.

Do you offer lessons in English?

YES! We offer Private Lessons Early Bird Private Group lessons First Powder and Snow Shoe in English. Reservations are strongly recommended due to limited availability of English instructors. Please see here for more information about the lesson types. Unfortunately, we do not offer Standard Lessons in English at this time.

Do lessons include equipment rentals?

The only lesson that includes equipment rental is the Snow Shoe Tours. For all other lessons please make sure to rent your equipment from one of the rental shops at the resort in time to start your lesson. Rental shops are located in: For Hotel Guests, the ground floor of the following: In Building 2 next to the main elevator. In Building 4 down the hall to the left of main hotel reception. In Building 6 behind the Phenix shop. For Day Visitors: In the South Gate services building where you get you lift tickets, right next to the ski school reception counter. In the N-Plaza services building outside the food court.

I am a first time skier/rider, do the lessons include lift tickets?

For first timers it will be up to your professional instructor to confirm your ability level before riding any lifts. Some beginners get there in that first lesson and some don’t so we ask that you carry about 2,000 yen with you to purchase single ride tickets or lift tickets during the lesson if your instructor thinks that is best for you. This season elementary school children and below get free lift tickets at Naeba and most Prince resorts so you should pick that up in advance of any children will be taking lessons!

Is it true that kids ski free at Naeba this year?

Yes that is right! Elementary School children and below get free lift tickets at Naeba this season. Please make sure to go by one of the lift ticket windows and pick up the free lift passes for your little ones.

What is the cancellation fee policy?

The following cancellation fees apply to all transactions. Cancellation fees are calculated according to number of days prior to your registered lessons:
Cancellation 1 day prior to lesson start date, or on date of lesson: 100% charge.
Cancellation 2 days prior to lesson start date: 50% charge.
Cancellation 3-4 days prior to lesson start date: 30% charge.

Should I book in advance?

Especially if you require English lessons we strongly suggest you book in advance! At peak times we cannot provide enough English instructors for all guests. Especially in the Xmas and New Years periods, Chinese New Year and certain long weekends booking early guarantees you the lesson you want! This year we have also created a Hotel Guest Priority Lane at the Reception desk in Building 3 so if you are a Hotel guest who has booked in advance you can expect a much shorter wait to get signed up than if you had not booked.

Can I just walk in and take a lesson without reservations?

Certainly, but please note that due to the limited number of English instructors we can only guarantee an English instructor if you have booked and we have confirmed in advance. Even if do not have a reservation our friendly guest relations staff will do our best to get you an English instructor!

Where are the school reception desks?

There are 4 desks in the resort. For Hotel Guests please visit the desks in Building 6 right across from the Hotel reception desk, and in Building 3 next to the Edelweiss Cafe. For Day Visitors please use the reception desk in the South Gate building where you get your rentals and lift tickets (before the bridge), or right outside the N-Plaza food court.

What time do I have to register by to take a lesson? How early before the lesson should I arrive and where should I go?

The main reception next to the Edelweiss Cafe in Building 3 is open from 8:30am to 5pm and we ask that you complete registration 15 minutes prior to the lesson start. In busy periods like New Year’s and Chinese New Year you might want to come by 30 - 45 minutes before the lesson since waiting times to register can be considerable. For lessons please arrive at the designated waiting point 5 minutes prior to the lesson start time to make sure you can start the lesson right on time so there is no lost time. Your guest relations staff will inform you of the designated waiting point upon your registration.

Do I need to fill out the registration form?

We ask that all guests complete a registration form at each reception desk. This is to ensure that we have an accurate record of all participants for insurance purposes. If you do not complete a registration form you may not be eligible for insurance coverage. For that reason please make sure all information is completed fully and accurately.

What if the weather is bad? Will the lesson be cancelled?

The lessons will only be cancelled if all lift operations at Naeba are stopped on account of bad weather. If there is a brief cessation of lift service or a particular lift stops your professional instructor will change the lesson location or take a brief break to accommodate.

If I or my child quit during the lesson? can I get a refund for any unused?

Our cancellation policy is that once the lesson has started we cannot provide any refunds.

I want to take a lesson with friends or family. Is that possible even if we have different ability levels?

Absolutely! Our Private Lessons accommodate 1 to 3 guests who can be of different ages and ability levels. For 4 or more guests we offer a Private Group lesson. Please note that the instructor will teach to the ability of the lowest person in the group so no one gets left behind and everybody can have a great time!

When can I take a private lesson?

Private lessons are for a minimum of 1 hour and in general start at the top of each hour (i.e, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00) if you have special circumstances and would like to start at a different time please consult with our friendly guest relations staff and they will do their best to get your lesson arranged at a time that works for you!

What is the mountain and resort like?

Naeba is one of Japan’s most visited resorts since it is the closest big mountain to Tokyo. It gets around 10m of snowfall per year putting it on the top ten list for big mountain snowfall in Japan. Naeba starts at an elevation of 905m (2,987ft) near the top of the Mikuni Pass, between the Snow Country of Echigo Yuzawa and the Kanto Plain, and goes up to 1,789m (5,904ft) and that location means it gets some of the driest snow in the Echigo Yuzawa area. It has about 889m (2,934ft) of vertical, a wide variety of terrain, 2 kids areas and several parks and activities like snowmobiling. The Prince Hotel is located right at the bottom of the resort so all rooms are ski-in/ski-out.

Is there any good food at Naeba?

YES! In the Prince Hotel there are more than 15 restaurants including Japanese, Chinese, cafeteria and buffet-style restaurants, yakiniku and shabu-shabu as well as Naeba’s world-famous Whistler Cafe and the Snow Cafe new in 2012 and offering soups, wine and cheeses as well as local treats. There is also a food court for quick and easy lunches and 5 on mountain restaurant choices.
Our very own Snow Café
The place where everyone goes after a day out in the snow. Have a hot glass of mulled or whatever clenches your thirst. A chance to have a drink (or 2!) with your instructor, and discuss improvement techniques or just for a chat. Enjoy some hearty food straight of the grill.

For the more adventurous types you can walk into the Naeba Town in about 10 minutes and explore a variety of restaurants including:
La Pace, where they will hand toss you a world-class pizza and offer up fantastic Italian fare.
Wasabiya, offering great ramen and Japanese style Chinese dishes.
Tanigawa, a famous chanko-nabe (sumo wrestler stew) restaurant with a great selection of local foods and sakes.
Nakajimaya, also known locally as “kotatsu” since you eat izakaya style foods at traditional low tables with kotatsu heaters built in and wrap yourself in thick blankets to get cozy.
Otarukko, a sushi and seafood restaurant run by Japanese Olympian Makko Kashiwagi, fresh sushi and loads of skiing history here too.
Smile Plaza, a friendly, family-run place specializing in grilled fish and other izakaya style delights but in a much more cozy atmosphere.
Tsukushitei, a family owned and operated traditional koryoriya, serving small tidbits to go with their fine selection of sakes and shochus.
Asahiya House, the eclectic little ramen shop with the pet monkey out front.
Prosperita, pastas, pizzas, and italian country favorites.
Torakichi, a great yakiniku place to grill your meats and veggies around big tables.
Asamin, the local darts bar and a late night hangout for Naeba locals, especially resort staff.
Dosanko Ramen, the local branch of tasty Hokkaido style ramen chain.
Asagai Rest House, a funky restaurant and club run by Kentaro Minagawa, a Naeba local and Japanese Olympian. Lots of events and parties here for skiers and boarders on the Asagai Gelende right out the back of the house.
And don’t forget to check out the Ikoi Shokudo for late night fun as they are usually open well past midnight and you never know who you’ll meet! Ikoi, as it is known locally is a great dive and has what must be Japan’s most bizarre toilet. Make sure to stand back!
All these restaurants and many more are owned and operated by locals so check them out and enjoy your visit to Naeba even more! Click here for an English map of Naeba.

Are there any onsen hot springs at Naeba?

Yes, there are three onsens at Naeba that are open to the public:
1. Naeba Onsen, at the Prince Hotel, just beyond the food court. 2. Yukisasa-no-Yu, about a 12 minute walk from the hotel toward the Mikuni Pass, also includes the Yamazakura restaurant. Visit the onsen's Japanese website. 3. Honjin Onsen, another 2 minutes past Yukisasa no Yu, located inside Honjin, a traditional inn with over 400 years of history. Visit the onsen's English website.